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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Selling Process


from Mark Hunter


Too many times we get bogged down with the customer.

Sure, the reasons can be many, but it doesn’t matter. Anytime things bog down, it eats into your time and your earnings.

Below are 5 things we can do right now to accelerate the process:

Skip the presentation and ask more questions.

Don’t focus your time on crafting your PowerPoint and your talking points. Take that time and spend it developing more questions. More importantly, think through how you will follow up each question with another question.

Be prepared to ask tough questions early on to verify if there is potential.

I like asking these three questions:  What is your timeline for making a decision?  How have you made decisions like this in the past?  What is the outcome you’re looking to achieve?

Follow up fast.

Don’t think for a moment your prospect is thinking about you, because they’re not. During each phase of the selling process, the faster you follow up, the greater your potential for closing the sale.

Take the small order if that’s what it takes to move them forward.

Sure, we all want to land the big sale, but if the big sale is not there, grab the small one and use it as a springboard to move up to the next sale.

Skip the formality of a scheduled meeting and make it happen anytime, anywhere.

Don’t allow yourself to believe because you’ve always sold sitting across the desk from the customer that you need to continue doing so. Make it happen with a phone call instead. Your customer will appreciate it, as they tend to be faster and less intrusive on their schedule.

And One Bonus Item: Make sure each time you’re talking with a customer, you have in your mind the expectation of closing a sale. If your attitude is not focused on making a sale, the best you’ll ever get is bread crumbs.

reference Mark Hunter