CRM Coming Soon

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing our new CRM software

it is designed to be simple and no frills. It is designed for Sales People.

it really is simple in its design, a no frills CRM.

as a salesperson all we want to do is know who to call and when, with our CRM this is the focus.

Call a client, enter the details, enter when to follow up and done, move onto the next client.

The other important feature is doing a report for your boss. We are designing a report that collates all your calls, meeting and notes.

if you want all the other stuff, buy Salesforce, it has everything !! You will pay alot more, but it has EVERYTHING.

Ours is simple, effective and productive.


If you would like more information or anything special you think would be cool, drop me an email and lets discuss

Looking forward to working with you